Q&A: Emmanuel Angelicas


When questioned about his recent photographic output, Emmanuel Angelicas had this to say “FUCK YOU”. Let me reassure you all – I’m still throwing punches, and have not lost the alluring passion for photography.”

 At the age of six Angelicas was given a plastic camera by his father, and one has followed him ever since. From the tough streets of his native Marrickville in Sydney; staunchly working class, immigrant, and hard knock to the seamy ever-night of South East Asia, replete with hookers, high powered firearms and $20 hit men, the fringes of life have never strayed far from Angelicas’ camera. Some 40 years on, Emmanuel is still documenting Marrickville, his hometown, its streets and its people.

Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? Yes. To be the best person I can possibly be, and whatever I do, do it to the best of my ability.You can no longer speak english, pick a new language. The language of love. What was the last crime you witnessed? A little boy stealing a lolly in a lolly shop. What is your plan for the next 24 hours?To enjoy it! Would you like to see more or less political correctness? Less. What part of the planet would you like to explore? The deep blue sea. Where do you think the most dangerous place on Earth is? The back streets of Marrickville. If you had to align yourself with a leader in history, who would it be? Alexander the Great.

What moment have you most wished you’d had a camera when you hadn’t? When the little boy was stealing the lolly in the lolly shop. Make a prediction for the future. The sun will rise and set tomorrow. Your favorite painter? Wassily Kandinsky. What is your nationality? Australian. What nationality would you like to be alternatively? Greek. Ultimate camera? The one that can anticipate my next shot. Most used camera? Hasselblad 500cm. Which living person do you most admire? Ellena. Who is your favorite hero of fiction? Shintaro. What is the next book you want to read? Snowing in Bali by Kathryn Bonella. Who would you never work for, no matter how much they offered to pay? My mother. Describe a cheap thrill. Shaving.

Emmanuel angelicas – From the series Marrickville.