Q&A: Lucas Foglia


What was the last crime you witnessed? I watched a mining company break the rules of the Clean Water Act. Oh, wait, mining companies are exempt from the rules of the Clean Water Act. Who would you most like to see embarrass themselves? Paul Ryan. Make a prediction for the future. Business and government will grow closer together. People will still grow food. Where in Europe would you like to be magically transported? A gypsy cave in Granada, Spain. What country has the best flag? I don’t pay attention to flags. Your favorite painter? Andrew Wyeth, or Edward Hopper, depending on the day. Are pets actually prisoners? Yes. Create the name for a virus that will decimate the population. Apathy. Would you still take photos if you could only take them in nightclubs? No. On a scale of one to ten, how much do you trust your closest friends? 10.

How would you dress if you were suddenly an elderly man? Like I do now. Plus sun glasses and a walking stick. How would you survive in prison? Not easily. I am bad at following rules that I don’t agree with. What is the next book you want to read? What Light Can Do, by Robert Hass. Do you believe in world peace? Yes, but that is a long way from here. What is the worst thing to happen to a man? He can be forced to do something he hates to someone he loves. Describe a cheap thrill. Wild plums in San Francisco. Do you have a passion for fashion? Sort of. I like comfortable clothes, with character. Mostly from thrift stores. Is hesitation a kind of weakness? No. It’s a sign. Could you own a gun? No.

Who would you never work for, no matter how much they offered to pay? The military. Pick a field of science to be an expert within. Forestry. Which religion seems most tempting? Quakerism. Ultimate camera? An energy efficient 6 x 8 cm digital back on a quiet, fast and easy to focus medium format camera. Please make one.  Most used camera? Mamiya 645 with a Leaf Aptus75s. Which living person do you most admire? Wendell Berry. Will Allen. Paul Farmer. Ira Magaziner. Who is your favorite hero of fiction? Br’er Rabbit. Last words before death? Hopefully, “Thank you.”

Lucas Foglia – From the series “A Natural Order”.