Perimeter X Heavy: Alec Soth – Sleeping by the Mississippi

Alec Soth — Sleeping by the Mississippi (MACK) — Text by Felix Wilson Thirteen years since Steidl first published the original, Alec Soth’s Sleeping by the Mississippi has been reissued, in almost identical form to the first edition, but this time…

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Perimeter x Heavy: Tim Carpenter — Local Objects

Tim Carpenter – Local Objects (The Ice Plant) — Text by Emma Phillips Local Objects (The Ice Plant, Los Angeles), the newest book by American photographer and publisher Tim Carpenter, is a celebration of the banal. Filled with greyish tones and…


Friday Fry Up: Mico Toledo

“Faces of Standing Rock was a project to portray the water projectors — indigenous people from hundreds of North American tribes and activists defending the sacred land and water resources of Standing Rock Sioux tribe, North Dakota, against the proposed DAPL pipeline,…


Q&A: Joshua Valageorgiou

Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? “Debussy himself used to play with the piano’s lid down”. What will baffle future generations about our day and age? Having to fight to be treated like an actual human being. Are you aware of…


Q&A: Sean Sirota

Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? When my Grandpa meets someone new he sometimes asks them who the most important person in their life is. Before they can answer, he takes their hand in his, kisses his own,…

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Harry Culy & Sam Stephenson: Evidence

Evidence is a two-person photography exhibition which aims to encourage discussion about mental health in Australia and New Zealand. The exhibition consists of two complimentary bodies of work by each artist, with framed images, a publication, and an installation of…

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Heavy: 2017 Tokyo Art Book Fair

Thrilled to be showing for the first time ever at the Tokyo Art Book Fair next weekend, come see us for the very last available copies of Heavy I & II, new and old titles from Palm Studios, as well…

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Q&A: Thomas Duffield

Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? When I find free time I enjoy reading about Greek & Roman philosophy, I appreciate the culture of debate and critical thought that appears to have been prevalent then. The Stoic school…


Friday Fry Up: Andrew Straub

‘It’s only Raining Under the Trees’ — Photos from New York City-based photographer Andrew Straub. See more of Andrew’s work at:


Review: Stephen Gill – Pigeons & Marten Lange – Citizen

Pigeons have followed us into our cities. They mingle among footfalls in the shadows of hundred-story buildings, and huddle in the forlorn but sometimes lively nooks that architecture forgets. Magnificent in their banality, or banal in their magnificence, they are…


Friday Fry Up: Lucas Foglia’ Human Nature

“I grew up on a small farm in the suburbs, thirty miles east of New York City. The forest that bordered the farm was my childhood wilderness, a wild place to play that was ignored by our neighbors who commuted…


Perimeter x Heavy: Masahisa Fukase – 鴉 (Ravens)

Masahisa Fukase – 鴉 (Ravens) Text by Kristian Haggblom Perhaps only a man subsumed by despair could have imagined beginning such a book as this, but certainly only a great artist could have made an obsession of personal pain and…


Perimeter x Heavy: Seiichi Furuya — Why Dresden

Seiichi Furuya – Why Dresden Text by Emma Phillips The photographs that populate Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya’s new book Why Dresden (published by Spector Books, Leipzig) are quietly radiant. Photographed from 1983 to 1984, the book lays bare a personal…


Friday Fry Up: Manal Abu-Shaheen

The unique landscape that has resulted from the dominance of the automobile industry in the United States is the subject of Fuel. The homogeneity of strip mall architecture growing out of a culture that prioritizes individual identity is distinctly American….


Jake Reinhart: Where The Land Gives Way

The woods behind my parents house had been undermined long before we lived there. Down near the creek there was a boarded up mine entrance. It looked too small to stand up inside, which confused me. We tied a rope…


Unseen Amsterdam 2017

Spread across 53 galleries in over 14 countries Unseen Amsterdam is back for its sixth edition and takes place late next month from 22 – 24 September (Preview 21 September). This edition of the Fair presents a generous helping of new photography,…