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Nava Posters: Kickstarter

  Publishers of fine art photography posters Nava have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first major production run. Chosen by a team of curators from Chicago, LA, and NYC,  Nava collaborates with a select group of talented…


Friday Fry Up: Marieke Van Der Velden — Das Paradies

In the summertime, when the temperatures in the Gulf State scan easily reach 50 degrees Celcius, it’s inhabitants travel to one of their favorite ‘cooling’ destinations: the Austrian village Zell am See. It receives more than 70.000 Arabic tourists per…


Q&A: Delaney Allen — Red Orange

Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? If trying to raise a toddler while you and your partner are working as freelance photographers happen to be a philosophy then that’s my current one. Is daily repetition a philosophy?…

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Jason Koxvold: Calle Tredici Martiri — Cornershop opening

Calle Tredici Martiri (Alley of the Thirteen Martyrs) is a fictionalised photographic reinterpretation of Koxvold’s grandfather Aldo Varisco’s campaign of direct action against the Nazi occupation of Italy. The project’s title refers to the location of the Venetian headquarters of…

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Heavy III Melbourne Launch/Talk — Perimeter Books

We are thrilled to announce the first Australian launch of Heavy III at Melbourne’s Perimeter Books this month. This in-store event will see Jack Harries, The Heavy Collective’s founder, and editor-in-chief, discuss the relationship between photography and writing, the importance…

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Paul B Thulin — Pine Tree Ballads (Candela Books)

In the early 1900s, artist Paul Thulin’s great-grandfather settled on an island off the coast of Maine because it resembled his homeland of Sweden. Over a century later, his family returns to the same area, Gray’s Point, each summer. Throughout…


Q&A: Cole Barash — Stiya (Deadbeat Club)

Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? Making is thinking. What will baffle future generations about our day and age? ‘ How we have to go into the DMV (Dpt of Motor Vehicles), pick a fuckin number and…


Vishal Marapon X Booooooom — Limited edition print

  Booooooom have just announced a limited run poster in collaboration with Vancouver based photographer Vishal Marapon. This print is exclusive to Booooooom and only available for 14 days (until June 5th, 11:59 PM PST). The edition will be limited by…

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Friday Fry Up: Sophie Green — Congregation (Loose Joints)

Congregation by Sophie Green is a celebration of Southwark’s Aladura Spiritualist African churches and congregations. Often referred to as “white garment” churches, Green’s images engage with rarely-documented dynamic communities who unite each weekend for Sunday service. Aladura is a denomination…

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The Paper Journal Annual — 2019

  The Paper Journal Annual 2019 is the result of a call-out which ran in June-July 2018, giving their readers the opportunity to submit work for the potential to be published in an inaugural photobook series. After 3 weeks and…

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Photo&Copyright Corinne Noordenbos

Corinne Noordenbos — Sydney workshop & Public Lecture

  Corinne Noordenbos will be in Sydney later this month for a public lecture and a 3-day workshop at Contact Sheet. If you’re working on a book idea and need a sounding board, or just want to expand your practice,…

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Q&A: Sheron Rupp — Taken from Memory

Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? At 76, trying to “think Young”, have a sense of humor, and keep busy with what matters. What will baffle future generations about our day and age? Alas, newsprint? Are you…

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Heavy III — Now available online

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Heavy III is now available for purchase online. Direct one to your mailbox from our brand new online store >here<. Heavy III spotlights work and words from 17 contemporary photographers and writers. Through…


Friday Fry Up: Christian Filardo — Gerontion

Gerontion presents Christian Michael Filardo’s latest work, with homage to T. S. Eliot’s poem of the same title (1920). Slipping between states of wakefulness and sleep, Filardo’s photographs and words motivate a liminal meandering. They are willed into being, existing…

GEORGIA. Batumi. 2013. 
One of the interiors of the Alphabetic Tower. In 2013, the Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company, which supported the then president of Georgia, Micheil Saakashvili, had a television studio there. That same year, Saakashvili’s party lost the parliamentary election and the former president was formally accused of appropriating government funds. The Rustavi 2 editorial department was deserted overnight, becoming a giant trap for birds. Dozens of rock sparrows flew into it through a small opening in the wall. Once they were trapped inside, a combination of heat and starvation killed them.

In 2013, president Mikheil Saakashvili was ousted and all his personal projects of accelerated change in Georgia were put on hold. Facade-like modernization covered the greatest number of political prisoners in entire post-soviet region. The series of images traces the abandoned dream of a man with almost unlimited power in his country.

Q&A: Rafal Milach — Refusal

Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? At least one day off per week. What will baffle future generations about our day and age? How much we fucked this planet. Are you aware of any conspiracies? Of course….


Q&A: Lara Shipley — The Passerby

Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? I’ve been anti-dogma ever since I was able to leave the Bible Belt (where I grew up). But I do believe in the power of listening to and telling stories.  


Friday Fry Up: Iacopo Pasqui — N

“N” is a work that reveals the link between an Italian province and with a part of its inhabitants: the 30-year-old generation. Young people with solid structures and formations must confront with the provincials dynamics of a contemporaneity in which…


Perimeter X Heavy: Mimi Plumb — Landfall (TBW Books)

Landfall is the first title from Mimi Plumb; constructed from a reimagined archive of photographs made in the 1980s while she was at the San Francisco Art Institute, it carefully weaves a narrative of unknown circumstances that reflect on the…